Lisbon tuk tuk tours

Considering a tuk tuk tour in Lisbon? The whole family is welcome in this fun and safe activity.

“O Tuk do Joao” – a place of happy people

The world behind “O Tuk do Joao”

“O Tuk do Joao” is offering private tuk tuk tours in Lisbon from March 2019. Since I retired from my desk job I keep sharing my passion about Lisbon with hundreds of guests from all parts of the world. The immense kindness received in the form of feedback is the fuel that keeps the tuk tuk up and running.

Lisbon tuk tuk tours
exploring Unesco sites

The main purpose of our tuk tuk tours consists in giving guests the best possible usage of their time, in a fun and relaxed way. The tours are not only about what we are seeing from the tuk tuk but also about many other things you may see and explore in the next days.

Scrolling down you may find my offer in Lisbon and Belem areas. If the offer of standardized tours does not fit what you have in mind, tell me what is your idea.


Tuk Tuk Tours in Lisbon and Belem

Important: To find out about the latest promotions or if you have specific requests, contact me.

Even + Important: If you book a tour and then change your mind, there’s no problem, just “un-book”

Tour 1 – Old Lisbon

The tour performs the magic of changing visitors into locals (hopefully not too much) in just 75 minutes. You just have to sit down, listen to me saying the hocus-pocus words and when you leave the tuk tuk you’re completely versed about Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Moors and Crusaders who shaped Alis-Ubbo in the last 30 centuries, the main influences of each one and the must-see attractions in old town.

The tour includes many picturesque details of Alfama, Mouraria and Graça districts.

Lisbon tuk tuk tours
Lisbon tuk tuk tour – Old Lisbon

Total Duration : 1h15m

Was this you were looking for?

Tour 2 – Belem

Belem district is a must see for any visitor of Lisbon. In opposition to the hills of central Lisbon, Belem is the flat area by the river where the UNESCO world heritage sites can be found. This tour is designed to blend sensations, the old and the new, the formal and the picturesque, the weight of history and the lightness of street art .

Lisbon tuk tuk tour – Belem

Total Duration: 1h45m

Did I call your attention?

Tour 3 – Chiado/Bairro Alto

On this tour you will immerse yourself in 19th century Lisbon by visiting Chiado. Next to it is Bairro Alto, the former working class district and today the bohemian area par excellence. In Largo do Carmo, the ruins of the church remind us of the 1755 earthquake. Not to be missed are the S. Pedro de Alcântara viewpoint and the Bica Elevator.

Lisbon tuk tuk tours
Lisbon tuk tuk tour – Chiado/Bairro Alto

Total Duration: 1h

I’m waiting your call !!!

Tour “street art”

This tour was made with the street art lovers in mind. It covers a lot of ground, mostly Graça, Campo de Santa Clara, Lx Factory and Belem. The main street artists are Vhils, Shepard Fairy and Bordalo II. This tour includes quick stops near the street art installations for photos and appreciation, but doesn’t include major stops in the viewpoints or in the Unesco Sites or monuments.

Lisbon tuk tuk tours
Lisbon tuk tuk tour – Street Art

Total Duration: 2h

If you are you a street art lover, e-mail me !!!

Flagship Half-day Tour (all above included)

This tour gives a perfect idea of the geography of town with it’s several districts and “must see” attractions and therefore is ideal to 2 kinds of visitors: those with a short stay in town or alternatively those who want to do the tour shortly after arrival in order to extract the best from explorations of their own in the days to follow.

Hilly central Lisbon is where the original settlement of Lisbon (Alfama) is located. Belem district is a flat area by the river where the jewels of the Manuelino architectural style (Jeronimos Monastery and Belem Tower) are located. The tour ends in bohemian Bairro Alto and elegant Chiado.

Lisbon tuk tuk tours
Lisbon tuk tuk tour – Half Day

Total Duration: 4 hours

My tuk tuk is waiting you…


Minimum and Maximum persons in the Tuk Tuk?

Minimum is 1 and maximum is 6 (driver not included)

The tours are eco-friendly?

Yes. The tuk tuk if fully electric. It charges overnight and is eco friendly.

We are more than 6. Can we still reserve a tuk?

Yes and no. The concept of “O Tuk do Joao” with full flexibility and close interaction between driver and guests is limited to 6 persons. However if you are more than 6 and you want to ride a tuk tuk I can assure all drivers and tuk tuks required but, in this case, expect a more standardized kind of tour.

Is there a minimum age to ride a tuk tuk?

Yes. Due to legal requirements, riding a tuk tuk is an activity reserved for people over 6 years old.

What is the cancellation policy?

Free cancellation at any time.

Who should avoid riding a tuk tuk?

People with health conditions that may be impaired by vibrations caused by the pavement.


As long as a guest can seat and use a belt, can ride a tuk tuk. Tours may be personalized to show everything from inside the tuk tuk.


Is Lisbon on your radar? Do you have plans to come to Lisbon but your availability does not allow you to research what to do or how to make the best use of your time?

With you in mind, a Blog was created, about monuments, attractions, street art, museums, tradition, in short, about what you shouldn’t miss during the days you’re with us.

Whether or not you are planning to become a guest aboard “O Tuk do Joao“, I hope you find usefulness in the set of information that is waiting for you.

For those who have already had the opportunity to visit Lisbon, I hope that the Blog brings back good memories and the desire to return soon!

“Até já!!

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  1. Adele Karp Avatar
    Adele Karp

    João is an excellent, knowledgeable guide. He tailored the tour to our needs, giving us the perfect amount of information, and recommendations, to make our stay in Lisbon so meaningful, welcoming and fun! We left feeling we were well-oriented to Lisbon, saw areas and streets we would not have gotten to otherwise, and ready to venture on a great time on our own, with direction!