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My offer includes free walking tour Lisbon Chiado, free walking tour Lisbon street art and free walking tour Lisbon Alfama. The whole family is welcome in this fun, healthy and safe activity.

free walking tour Lisbon-Chiado
“O Tuk do Joao” – a place of happy people

The world behind “O Tuk do Joao”

“O Tuk do Joao” started offering tuk tuk tours in Lisbon (with Tugatours) from March 2019 with an upgrade to free walking tours in Lisbon from November 2023. Since I retired from my desk job I keep sharing my passion about Lisbon with hundreds of guests from all parts of the world. The immense kindness received in the form of feedback is the fuel that keeps my tours up and running.

Lisbon walking tours - attention to details is the key
attention to details is key

The main purpose of my walking tours consists in giving guests the best possible usage of their time, in a fun, healthy and relaxed way. The tours are not only about what we are seeing, but also about many other things you may see and explore in the next days.

Scrolling down you may find my offer in central Lisbon areas. If the offer of standardized tours does not fit what you have in mind, tell me what is your idea, bearing in mind that walking tours “à la carte” may not be either feasible or free.



Free Walking tours in Lisbon

All walking tours include a visit to a viewpoint from where you can get a panoramic view of the city. The aim of visiting these viewpoints is to develop navigation skills that will give visitors loads of ideas for activities to carry out in the following days.

Like other walking tours, this one also includes historical details and context but I believe that what makes this tour different are the small nuances, the detail, the fun facts, the hidden gems, in other words, what makes a tour is not a history lesson, but rather a fun and relaxed activity.

The ultimate objective of the tour is to give my guests the right motivation to return.

Important: If you book a tour and then change your mind, there’s no problem, just “un-book”

Tour 1 – Walking Tour Lisbon Chiado

  • Sao Pedro de Alcantara viewpoint

Camões square

Camões is the main poet in the Portuguese language, and it is in the square named after him that we will begin our tour.

Praça de Camões is the ideal spot to understand the geography of Chiado neighborhood.

Opera Theatre

In 1755, the Opera-Tagus theater was inaugurated, a sumptuous opera house designed to rival the main theaters in Europe. This theater had a life of just 6 months, having been destroyed by the great earthquake of 1755.

The commitment of public authorities meant that 37 years after the earthquake, the city of Lisbon witnessed the inauguration of S. Carlos on June 30, 1793.

Garrett Street

Chiado was the epicenter of Portugal in the roaring 20s. In this area of the city, clubs, restaurants and gambling halls multiplied. Seeing and being seen as a criterion of social relevance made Lisbon society roam itself in Chiado.

With a little imagination you can even travel back in time. Sit down on one of the terraces and imagine listening to the jazz-band playing Charleston as if you were in the roaring 20s.

Santa Justa elevator

The elevator’s observation deck is one of the privileged points of Lisbon. At our feet we can see Baixa and Rossio square, right in front, the castle and the Mouraria neighborhood.


Rossio (Pedro IV square) is considered the center of the city. It was rebuilt during the works that followed the 1755 earthquake.

Square of Commerce

The Square of Commerce was called Palace Courtyard until the 18th century and was Lisbon’s party hall. The great parties that took place here, when a prince or princess was born or when a new queen entered the city, usually lasted days.

Starting Time and duration: 10-12am (2 hours), except Wednesdays.

Meeting Point : Camões Square, by the statue. Look for a guide wearing an umbrella (no matter the weather) with the name “Joao Correia” written on it.

Ending Point : Square of Commerce

Degree of dificulty : easy

Is a free walking tour in Chiado what you are looking for ???

Typical time to confirm: less then 24 hours. For last minute reservations contact here.

Cancellation anytime. A cancellation note would be appreciated.

Tour 2 – Walking Tour Street Art in Lisbon (Graça)

Viewpoint Graça

From the viewpoint of Graça, there is a panoramic view over the city of Lisbon.

Unlike other neighborhoods, which have allowed themselves to gentrify, Graça is still the place where you can find authentic and traditional Lisbon.

Street Art Oze Arv

The Mural de Oze Arv in Graça is part of the exceptional set of street art manifestations that appeared during the year 2021.

Oze Arv is the artistic name of José Carvalho (1980), an artist based in Lisbon and one of the emerging names in street art today.

Street Art Psychoanalytic

Where is our public self? How many layers does our self have?
What do our inner demons look like?

Street Art Fairey&Vhils

American artist Shepard Fairey (Charleston, 1970) and Portuguese Vhils (Lisbon, 1987) are both world-renowned artists.

Their co-production represents a woman’s face. On the left side of the viewer you can see the painting by Shepard Fairey and on the right side the wall is carved in the style of Vhils.

National Pantheon

The National Pantheon, located in the parish of São Vicente, is an imposing monument dedicated to honoring illustrious figures in Portuguese history.

Saint Vincent Monastery

The visit to the monastery of S. Vincent is an important part of the visit to the eastern part of Lisbon, and can be combined with a visit to the National Pantheon, the Flea Market or Alfama.

Starting Time and duration: 1-3pm (2 hours), except Wednesdays.

Meeting Point : Viewpoint Graça, by the front door of Graça Church. Look for a guide wearing an umbrella (no matter the weather) with the name “Joao Correia” written on it.

Ending Point : Saint Vincent Monastery

Degree of dificulty : easy

Is a free walking tour street art (Graça) what you are looking for???

Typical time to confirm: less then 24 hours. For last minute reservations contact here.

Cancellation anytime. A cancellation note would be appreciated.

Tour 3 – Walking Tour Lisbon Alfama

Viewpoint Portas do Sol

From this viewpoint it’s possible to see Pantheon and the church of Saint Stephan. Towards the river there is the pink building of Museum of Fado and the church of Saint Michael. In Tagus banks there is the modern Cruise Ship Terminal.

Viewpoint Santa Luzia

Santa Luzia viewpoint is the most Instagramable spot of Lisbon. Built on the old wall, offers a privileged view over Alfama, the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon, over the Tagus and the south bank.

Saint Stephan Church

The church dates back to the medieval period, with historical records dating back to the 12th century. It was founded by Gualdim Pais, the master of the Knights Templar Order in Portugal, and served as a church for the Knights Templar.

Remédios street

Strolling along Rua dos Remédios allows you to soak up the traditional atmosphere of Alfama. You’ll see locals coming and going, hear Fado being played in some places, and get lost in the picturesque streets of this historic neighborhood.

Saint Michael Church

The church has a modest facade, but its interior is notable for its religious architecture and decoration. Furthermore, it is famous for housing an image of Saint Michael, patron saint of the church, and for its religious festivals and traditional celebrations.

Museum of Fado

The square where Museum of Fado stands takes its name from the ornate fountain that stands in the center of the square. This historic fountain is an interesting piece of architecture and serves as a landmark in the area. It was formerly know as fountain of horses, go there and find why.

Starting Time and duration: 4-6pm (2 hours), except Wednesdays.

Meeting Point : Viewpoint Portas do Sol, by Saint Vincent’s square. Look for a guide wearing an umbrella (no matter the weather) with the name “Joao Correia” written on it.

Ending Point : Museum of Fado

Degree of dificulty : average

Is a free walking tour Alfama what you are looking for???

Typical time to confirm: less then 24 hours. For last minute reservations contact here.

Cancellation anytime. A cancellation note would be appreciated.

Private or Tailor Made Tours

Is your group > 10?

Would you prefer a private tour?

Do you want a tour “à la carte”?


Minimum and Maximum of guests per booking?

Minimum is 1 and maximum is 10. If you are more than 10, contact me and ask a private tour. Private tours are not free. 

Minimum and Maximum persons per tour?

Minimum is 1 and maximum is 20. 

Are these tours private?

No. Unless you contact me and ask a private walking tour. Private tours are not free.  

Tolerance for late arrivals

The first 10 minutes are spent by the meeting point. After that is likely that the group has moved.

How to quit a tour?

Enough to say “It was nice meeting you” and go.

Is there a minimum age to do a walking tour?

No. Whether or not a a child should join a tour is left to parent’s judgement .

What is the cancellation policy?

Free cancellation at any time. If the tour has not yet begun, a cancellation notice is appreciated. 

Who should avoid a walking tour?

People with bad mood or low sense of humour.


These tours are dimensioned to walk 1.5 miles in 2 hours, in a relaxed pace. Most people can do. Anybody starting the tour and later feeling tired or experiencing walking difficulties, can always say “ciao” and leave.

Want to make a review?

Leaving ratings and reviews is a valuable practice that goes beyond simply expressing personal opinions; it becomes a valuable guide for other users looking for reliable information.

Furthermore, I am always looking for constructive feedback, which helps me understand what my guests rate best and the aspects in which I can improve.




What to do in Lisbon?

Is Lisbon on your radar? Do you have plans to come to Lisbon but your availability does not allow you to research what to do or how to make the best use of your time?

With you in mind, a What do do section was created, about monuments, attractions, street art, museums, tradition, in short, about what you shouldn’t miss during the days you’re with us.

Whether or not you are planning to join our walking tours, I hope you find usefulness in the set of information that is waiting for you.

For those who have already had the opportunity to visit Lisbon, I hope that this section brings back good memories and the desire to return soon!

Are you tempted by my offer but at the same time scared by the hills of Lisbon and the idea of going so many ups and downs? If you consider taking a tuk tuk ride, let me know and I’ll find you the right driver to guide you and your family around central Lisbon and Belem.

“Até já !!”

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