Month: January 2022

  • Bordalo II

    Artur Bordalo (Lisbon, 1987), a.k.a. Bordalo II, follows the motto “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. Bordalo uses in his works recycled materials that have survived their original purpose, as a declaration of sustainability and ecological awareness. The Racoon (2015) “The Raccoon” is one of my favorite works from Bordalo II ( @b0rdalo_ii ) and my […]

  • Fairey and Vhils

    Collaborative Work (2017) American artist Shepard Fairey (Charleston, 1970) and Portuguese Vhils (Lisbon, 1987) are both world-renowned artists. A mural decorated by any of them would always be interesting, but what makes this work in Graça brilliant is the perfect combination of two such different styles. A case where the whole is greater than the […]

  • Senhora do Monte

    From the viewpoint of Senhora do Monte, there is a panoramic view over the city of Lisbon. Looking towards the river Tagus, the hill of the castle of S. Jorge is a must for visitors. The flat area to the right of the castle hill is Baixa, the area rebuilt after the 1755 earthquake and […]

  • Santa Luzia

    Santa Luzia viewpoint is the most Instagramable spot of Lisbon. Built on the old wall, offers a privileged view over Alfama, the oldest neighborhood of Lisbon, over the Tagus and the south bank. The view from this viewpoint is exactly the same as the one you get from the nearby Portas do Sol viewpoint, but […]

  • Belem Tower

    Belem Tower is the lonely sentinel of the city of Lisbon. Built on the right bank of the Tagus as a defensive structure, it has been welcoming during the last 5 centuries those who enter and leave Lisbon by sea. Built between 1514 and 1519 (architect Francisco de Arruda) it is the jewel in the […]