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“Fado ao Carmo” is usually my answer when asked to recommend where to listen to fado.

The Fado Houses are, par excellence, the ideal place to listen to fado singing while having dinner or just having a drink in the late hours. It’s no ordinary restaurant. During the fado singer’s performance, the lights are dimmed, as in a concert hall and there must be silence so that a story can be heard in musical format. It is an intimate atmosphere where fado is sung in spaces allowing you to enjoy dinner while listening to the music and the story being sung.

Chef Miguel Castro e Silva

In Lisbon there are many Fado Houses, some more traditional, located in the so-called typical neighborhoods of Alfama, Mouraria, Bairro Alto, others more adapted to modernity, while maintaining the essence of fado.

Rodrigo Costa Félix (voice)

In many cases, live music in a restaurant is just a matter of business, but when two of the greatest Portuguese artists of today, the fado singer Rodrigo Costa Félix and the guitarist Luís Guerreiro, get together, then the result is “Fado ao Carmo“, a Fado House where the atmosphere is younger and you can hear the great voices of today.

Luis Guerreiro (portuguese guitar)

At “Fado ao Carmo” dinner starts at around 8 pm and the artistic part at around 9 pm. Reservations are absolutely necessary for dinner.


booking: (+351) 912 115 677

email: info@fadoaocarmo.pt


R. da Condessa, 52 / 1200-122 Lisboa (near Largo do Carmo)

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